Intro to Graphic Design Tools

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This course introduces students to the use and function of industry-standard graphic design software applications Adobe Photoshop (color photo manipulation), and Adobe Illustrator (drawing and design). Students will learn to effectively use the essential techniques, tools, and principles of each application by emulating a professional approach to design projects. Students will apply problem solving techniques to design projects that simulate real-world design challenges faced in todays graphic design industry. All projects will be hands-on and produce projects that will make great additions to any design portfolio. ¬

Course Begins – Friday, August 25th 

Course Time – 1:00pm – 1:45pm

Course Length – 14 weeks

Instructor – Miranda Whitley

My name is Miranda Whitley, and I am a graphic designer with a passion for teaching. I was introduced to graphic design 10 years ago using the very same curriculum I will be teaching to you in these classes. Since then I have taken every opportunity to expand my knowledge of graphic design as technology evolves. My specialty in graphic design is logo design, packaging design, and website creation.

I am very excited to offer these classes to you so that I can share my love for graphic design and hopefully inspire some of you to pursue it as well.

Equipment: Windows Laptop or MacBook *No ChromeBooks
Software: Adobe Creative Suite Monthly Subscription (1yr commitment)
$19.99 mo teacher/student rate


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