About The Founder

I am Keicha Barnum but to my students I am Mrs. B. Ordinarily I would be referred to as the founder of BCR TechED, however, those who know me would probably say that the title of architect would be more fitting. I have used my degree, certifications in technology and design, and experience in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur to design a more impactful framework for STEAM education that teaches students to learn by “doing”. For more than 10 years I have partnered with talented instructors, created innovative hands-on curriculum and brought the coolest technology to students who have never used a 3D printer, coded a drone, or even dreamed of creating a 3D animation. The result – a blueprint for a uniquely geeky educational community equipped to inspire the next generation of STEAM professionals.

The Best Way To Learn STEAM Is To Try STEAM

To learn by “doing“ in real world contexts is the only way to have an advantage in the fast paced world of STEAM. The instructors at BCR TechED use 3D printers, drones, innovative software and a big dose of ingenuity to create enriching “hands-on“ educational experiences. Don’t just learn in theory … learn to create new realities!

What We Teach

With new technology, art and engineering we have the ability to energize students, teachers and enhance the learning experience. In our courses, students are taught how to use the same software the pros use! From the Adobe Creative Suite to the powerful Blender 3D animation software, students who complete courses have actually used new technology to create 3D printed models, code autonomous drone flights and even design video games.
Graphic Design
Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe InDesign
Blender 3D Animation / Scratch
Drone Coding
Drone Blocks / Python / Java Script
3D Printing
TinkerCad / Blender / SketchUp
Video Editing
Adobe Premier / Adobe After Effects
Cyber Security
Crytography / Digital Forensics / Software Security

View On-Site and Online

Choose courses that fit your program and we will customize the platform while providing direct enrollment just for your students.


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BCR TechED offers
S.T.E.A.M. Workshops

Many teachers work diligently to maintain school standards for core courses while searching for creative curriculum to engage students. This can be challenging when trying to incorporating technology because it is always evolving. The instructors at BCR TechED, professionals in computer science and design who use the very software they teach everyday, are prepared to use their skills and knowledge to equip teachers and support their efforts to incorporate S.T.E.A.M. into their programs.
Schedule a 1- or 2-day workshop and we’ll bring the expertise to you. Customize your workshop based on the topics, activities, and skills you wish to explore, build, and promote.
Whether your school has an established S.T.E.M. / S.T.E.A.M. program or you’re looking for new ways engage and inspire your students, BCR TechED will partner with you to incorporate the perfect course into your current program. Our professional instructors will bring relevant project based, S.T.E.A.M. curriculum to your program that will foster a relevant understanding of technology while providing an opportunity for real-world application.



Engaging, Challenging, & Interesting

My daughter found the class engaging, challenging, interesting, and enjoyed every session.



Very Informative & Patient

Mrs. B, my son’s instructor, was very Informative and patient! My son looked forward to the Saturday morning classes thanks to her fun and welcoming ways.



Extremely Awesome!

It was extremely awesome, and I gained a lot from this experience.

Middle School Animation Student


Game Changer!

My son took a few courses in Graphic Design at BCR TechED during high school just for fun and now he is preparing to study Graphic Arts in college. This experience was a game changer for him!



Absolutely Amazing!

The live online classes at BCR TechED are absolutely amazing! I’d hear the teaching as I passed the room and the way she explained the animation process was so engaging, my son was never bored. Thank you!


Virtual S.T.E.A.M. Partnerships

We recognize that many onsite schools and programs are not designed with virtual execution in mind. However, we believe that with BCR TechED’s expert instructors, innovative LIVE courses and customized online platform we can help you deliver the same level of excellence that your students are accustomed to while creating a new virtual community that can withstand the changes brought on by this new season in our world.
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Let us help you strengthen your community by educating the next generation of computer technology professionals
Through goal-focused communication and planning with an emphasis on virtual student engagement, our partnership program will exceed your expectations
Virtual Programs
We will create s hands-on STEAM program that fits into your initiatives – whether it’s implementing one program for a small group of students or a semester long STEAM course – We’ve got you!

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    BCR TechED

    BCR TechED is a technology and design academy that is fueled by a community of educators and professionals committed to providing hands on experiences in computer coding and design to the K-12 population.


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