Introduction to Roller Skating: Developing Fundamental Motor Skills

This lesson can be satisfied during Homeschool Skate Day at Stone Mountain Skates. Beginner and Intermediate lessons will be offered February 16th, March 22nd and April 19th.
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Students will demonstrate basic motor skills and movement patterns required for roller skating, aligned with Georgia State standard 36.02200 and Physical Education Learning Standard (PELS)

1. Students will practice stepping on and off the skate floor, balancing, posture, and starting/stopping techniques to enhance their proficiency and confidence on roller skates.

Materials Needed:
 Roller skates (adjustable to fit each student)
 Smooth and flat surface (such as a gymnasium floor or outdoor skating rink)
 Cones or markers for setting up activity stations

Assess students’ proficiency in executing fundamental roller skating skills based on their participation and performance at each skill taught during the lesson.
Use informal observation and verbal feedback to provide guidance and support to students as they develop their motor skills and movement patterns.

Alignment with Georgia State Standard 36.02200 and PELS.1:
This lesson aligns with Georgia State standard 36.02200 by promoting physical activity and motor skill development in a safe and supportive environment.
It addresses PELS.1 by focusing on the development of fundamental motor skills and movement patterns essential for effective roller skating, including balancing, gliding, turning, and stopping techniques.