Short Story Q & A – 3rd – 5th Grade

Once upon a time in the colorful world of Roller Land, there lived a young girl named Lily who loved to roller skate. She had a special pair of quad roller skates that she cherished dearly. Her skates were a vibrant shade of pink, with glittery wheels that sparkled in the sunlight.

Lily’s favorite part of her skates was the boot, which was adorned with rainbow laces and provided her with the perfect amount of ankle support. She loved the feeling of gliding effortlessly across the smooth pavement, the wind blowing through her hair as she twirled and spun. One sunny afternoon, Lily decided to join her friends at the local roller rink for an exciting day of skating. As she laced up her skates, she made sure to check that the bearings were clean and well lubricated, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. With a quick spin of her glittery wheels, she was ready to hit the rink and show off her impressive skills.

As she skated around the rink, Lily felt a sense of freedom and joy that only roller skating could bring. With each graceful turn and spin, she felt like she was flying. And when it was time to slow down, she relied on her trusty toestop to come to a gentle halt.

Lily’s love for roller skating and her cherished quad roller skates brought her endless happiness and unforgettable adventures in Roller Land.


Respond to the questions and upload your answers.
  1. What color were Lily’s quad roller skates, and what made them special to her?
  2. Describe the features of Lily’s roller skates that she loved the most.
  3. What did Lily do to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride at the roller rink?
  4. How did Lily feel as she skated around the rink, and what made her feel that way?
  5. How did Lily come to a gentle halt when it was time to slow down while skating?
  6. What did roller skating bring to Lily, and how did her skates contribute to her happiness?
  7. What kind of adventures did Lily have in Roller Land, and how did her quad roller skates play a role in them?